Saddle Maker's Shop Manual

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We are so pleased to be offering the Saddle Maker's Shop Manual to our educational offering. It is filled with incredible fundamental knowledge, 596 pictures and presented in a step by step format, which makes for quick referencing if you are stuck on a certain task. Through our findings, this is certainly one of the most complete and involved manuals out there. This is a book every new saddle maker should have in their shop. 

Read and browse the entire book before beginning a saddle. The first 120 pages of the SADDLE MAKER’S MANUAL is a step by step process for building only one saddle. The information is in the correct order. Variations of styles and designs contained in the last 60 pages may require some modification of the chronological order laid out for the first saddle. The variations of section 2 will illustrate the changes of order required.