Renia TS Boy Glue Pot - Large

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Made in Germany from the highest quality materials and construction, the TS-Boy is a time-tested, industry standard. Cheap knock-offs proliferate the market, and they cannot stand up to solvent based adhesives. These knock-offs will quickly rupture or crack, leaving you with a broken product and a bunch of dried up glue (and maybe even a ruined countertop or workspace). Don't take that chance.

This premium Glue Pot is ideal for both water-based and solvent-based cements, adhesives, and other liquids. Stop worrying about your glue drying out, and start saving money. The TS-Boy Glue Pot can be used safely with any slightly evaporating liquid, as well as water and solvent based adhesives. The cap of the container seals tightly and protects your adhesive from evaporation or drying out. The included brush can remain inside the container when not in use, and a wiping bar is integrated into the design. The TS-Boy will save money and allow for cleaner adhesive application.

This is a genuine TS-Boy glue pot. Not made in China. Not made in Italy. Our glue pots are always made in Germany of the highest quality materials.

It is ideal and widely used for a number of practical applications, including:
- Leatherworking
- Woodworking
- Bookbinding
- Painting
- General crafts

The TS-Boy sold by CORD SHOES + BOOTS is the proven standard for shoemakers, leatherworkers, bookbinders, painters, and crafters who need a clean, streamlined adhesive application process with minimal waste.

Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE). Made in Germany.
Color: White translucent base. Lid colors may vary.
Size: Available in 3 sizes to store either 0.45L, 0.90L, or 1.50L of material.

Package Includes:
- 1 authentic TS-Boy Container
- 1 lid (Colours will vary)
- 1 brush