Bluegrass EZ Edge Strap Edger Double Blade

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The Bluegrass “EZ Edge” Strap Edger Double Blade is a value priced unit that bevels two edges at once.  To bevel the bottom edges, simply flip over the strap, If you are beveling edges, this is a real time saver. Accommodates straps from ½” to 3”. Product is shipped with a set of two #2 blades. Each blade features 12 cutting edges (six on each side). Replacement blades and sharpening service is available. Replacement blades are available in:

  • Size 0- Up to 8 oz. leather
  • Size 1- 8-10 oz. leather
  • Size 2- 10-14 oz. leather
  • Size 3- 14 oz.+ leather