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Knip Round Knives

Knip Knives are made by Terry Knipschield and are amongst the best leather knives in the world. Every knife is entirely handmade by Terry, hence the quantities are very limited.
Knip leather knives are made from either ATS-34 or CPM154CM. Both of these steels are high carbon stainless steels, containing 1% or more carbon in their alloys. The blades are heat treated to a hardness of around RC-60. Both of these steels are designed to perform well and hold up at that hardness without chipping or rolling the edge. Being stainless, the knives will never dull due to rusting along the edge. Blades are full tang construction that runs the entire length of the knife; the blade will never 'twist out' or loosen from the handle.
He uses cocobolo for the handles with a brass bolster. The combination also adds a satisfying 'heft' to the knife which aids in control.
Terry has developed the right edge geometry for these knives; all the head knives have a tapered, convex, or 'apple seed' edge to them. Terry has determined that leather yields best to a convex edge.
One can maintain a very sharp edge on these knives for a long time if stropped or buffed with Brownell's 555 black buffing compound (never use the reds or browns as these are not intended for steel!). The time saved from having to hone frequently will be significant over the life of these tools.

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